Friday, April 30, 2010

Googley eyes

Kathleen Mish writes: "sergey brin = zach braff?"
we say: INDEED

This Braff wants to change the world

and he's not afraid to sing about. If you're too young to remember the band Tears for Fears you need to move to a desert island where you're not terrorizing the planet with your ignorance. Roland Orzabal and some other dude produced hit and after hit without so much as a Grammy. The same can not be said for lookylikey Zach Braff.
Thanks for the submission Timothy Smothers!

Zii Bii

Mo Jo alerted us (ok ages ago, but we're lazy isn't that what you love about this blog?) to the winner of the celebrity Mii contest. Guess who?

Real life Braff #673

Alan Dorian sent in this picture of himself. Well he's got the scrubs down but he's no Chicken Run star (see post below)

Real life braff #24

Get this: Lukas Zinnagl was at a fancy film party with the thespian known as Kevin Spacey and someone--maybe Kevin, though probably not-- told him about our little blog and to submit his own mug. Turns out he does have that braffy charm we know and love.

Run Braff Run

While the character from Chicken Run may not look like ZB to you, to Mischa P the similarities are unmistakable. Close together eyes: check. Silly hair-cut: check check. Endearing, mischievous grin: better believe it.


MWLLZB reader Kathleen stumbled on this Braff-a-like on the Arby's website. While I would have probably chosen the Jr Roast beef sandwich instead, this guy kinda looks like the man, the myth, the legend.