Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok our world has just exploded. ZACH BRAFF KNOWS ABOUT THIS SITE. And what's more, we don't think he particularly likes it. Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel- reminding us we need to update this blog more regularly.

Now we'd like to return the favor and blow Braff's bulbous brain.
Here's the naked truth:

1. In fact we're not one guy. We're two girls.

2. We didn't invent the Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians blog though we wish we did. We ripped it off.

3. Happily, we do have a lot of free time. And in that time we like to make lists and organize humans by cranio-facial structures. It's a hobby. But in between all that free time Meredith Blake has written for the LA Times and the New Yorker and Piper Weiss tends to a blog called My Mom, the Style Icon.

4. Putting this site together took a total of 2 hours. You may be the only human who thinks it looks like it took time to make. We're the first to say it's pretty low-budge.

5. We should spend more time on charities. You are right.

6. We hope you're not offended. We like the way you look.