Thursday, September 11, 2008

lipstick on a braff

We know that McCain was on Raffaelo Follieri's yacht in 2006 to celebrate his 70th birthday Beyonce-style and possibly to garner much coveted Catholic votes for his pending campaign trail, according to The Nation.

But perhaps Raff and McCain's connection ran deeper than we think. What else could they possibly have in common besides romantic partners who don't seem to ask enough questions?
oh maybe they both look like ZACH MOTHERFUCKING BRAFF

Exhibit a: A young John McCain

Exhibit b: An ageless zach braff extending his chin to add a little much needed definition

uncanny right?


thehat said...

Post a photo of Dax Shepard. He resembles Zach Braff to a T

novayorker said...

i agree with thehat. dax shepard has even made fun of how much he looks like zach braff on twitter.