Saturday, July 5, 2008

Letter from the Editors: BRAFF OFF

The truth is, the Editorial Board doesn't always agree on who's Braffy and who's not. We recently came to a split decision (1-1) on the original sexual intellectual, Jeff Goldblum and his resemblance to Zach Braff.

Meredith makes the case :

"While not an obvious resemblance, there is a powerful argument for Goldblum's inclusion on the list. Not only in facial features--particuarly the hair/nose combo--but more importantly, the less tangible qualities. He's funny in a sort of grating way, he has the proven ability to date woman far, far more attractive than he is, and has brooding indie headshots. I strongly urge the readers of menwholooklikezachbraff to vote 'YES' on Proposition Goldblum."

Piper makes the case:
"Sure he's got a quirky sense of humor that translates easily from network sitcom to indie sleeper hit. and he does have the capability of wooing women that are strikingly better looking than him, but when it comes to judging whether someone makes the cut I take a hard-nosed stance.
Bottom line : his face is too skinny. no braff blog of mine will feature man who's face has a width of less than 2 feet. "

readers, we are at a standstill. please help. vote whether goldblum stays or goes in the comments section. only you can decide!


replica said...

NEVER! Goldblum is the hottest man alive, and I refuse to be humble about my opinion. Don't force me to contact others of my ilk and set them on your asses. He's no milquetoast like Braff. Don't you guys use some kind of radiant-heat meter or something? That would have settled it right then and there as the nuclear sex-om-etry of the Goldblum melted the sensors. You kids are blind.

comeoncolleen said...

when using that photo i have no choice but to say yes, he is braff-tastic, but i know better considering i celebrate goldblum's entire resume and so i have to say NO. and i suggest to further your argument, piper, you attach a more revealing photo the blum - ears and all!

Todd said...

I give it the thumbs-up - definitely Braffulous.

wally said...

His facial characteristics just don't match with Braffyness. I think he should be out. By the way, I think I deserve a place on this site, I've already sent two emails with the proof of my resemblance to the BraffMan.

Will said...

Here's the true test: Could Zach Braff play Jeff Goldblum on SNL's celebrity Jeopardy? The answer is clear. Okay, if it's not clear then I will make it clear. Yes. Yes, Zach Braff could play Jeff Goldblum on SNL's celbrity Jeopardy (at least as well as that dude from the x-files).

Natalya said...

voting yes, they have a similar sex appeal. Braff is aries like me! Poor Goldblum is not.