Friday, April 30, 2010

Googley eyes

Kathleen Mish writes: "sergey brin = zach braff?"
we say: INDEED

This Braff wants to change the world

and he's not afraid to sing about. If you're too young to remember the band Tears for Fears you need to move to a desert island where you're not terrorizing the planet with your ignorance. Roland Orzabal and some other dude produced hit and after hit without so much as a Grammy. The same can not be said for lookylikey Zach Braff.
Thanks for the submission Timothy Smothers!

Zii Bii

Mo Jo alerted us (ok ages ago, but we're lazy isn't that what you love about this blog?) to the winner of the celebrity Mii contest. Guess who?

Real life Braff #673

Alan Dorian sent in this picture of himself. Well he's got the scrubs down but he's no Chicken Run star (see post below)

Real life braff #24

Get this: Lukas Zinnagl was at a fancy film party with the thespian known as Kevin Spacey and someone--maybe Kevin, though probably not-- told him about our little blog and to submit his own mug. Turns out he does have that braffy charm we know and love.

Run Braff Run

While the character from Chicken Run may not look like ZB to you, to Mischa P the similarities are unmistakable. Close together eyes: check. Silly hair-cut: check check. Endearing, mischievous grin: better believe it.


MWLLZB reader Kathleen stumbled on this Braff-a-like on the Arby's website. While I would have probably chosen the Jr Roast beef sandwich instead, this guy kinda looks like the man, the myth, the legend.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok our world has just exploded. ZACH BRAFF KNOWS ABOUT THIS SITE. And what's more, we don't think he particularly likes it. Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel- reminding us we need to update this blog more regularly.

Now we'd like to return the favor and blow Braff's bulbous brain.
Here's the naked truth:

1. In fact we're not one guy. We're two girls.

2. We didn't invent the Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians blog though we wish we did. We ripped it off.

3. Happily, we do have a lot of free time. And in that time we like to make lists and organize humans by cranio-facial structures. It's a hobby. But in between all that free time Meredith Blake has written for the LA Times and the New Yorker and Piper Weiss tends to a blog called My Mom, the Style Icon.

4. Putting this site together took a total of 2 hours. You may be the only human who thinks it looks like it took time to make. We're the first to say it's pretty low-budge.

5. We should spend more time on charities. You are right.

6. We hope you're not offended. We like the way you look.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scientology Braff

Last night, I was watching a scene from the sadly underrated film "Perfect," and it dawned on me that John Travolta, and especially his jowels, belongs near the top of our list of men who look like Zach Braff. I couldn't decide which Travolta was the Braffiest. What do you think?:

Yadda Yadda Braff

Thank you, Anna, for submitting. We can't believe we never noticed that Jerry Seinfeld has a decidedly Braffian set of features.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

lipstick on a braff

We know that McCain was on Raffaelo Follieri's yacht in 2006 to celebrate his 70th birthday Beyonce-style and possibly to garner much coveted Catholic votes for his pending campaign trail, according to The Nation.

But perhaps Raff and McCain's connection ran deeper than we think. What else could they possibly have in common besides romantic partners who don't seem to ask enough questions?
oh maybe they both look like ZACH MOTHERFUCKING BRAFF

Exhibit a: A young John McCain

Exhibit b: An ageless zach braff extending his chin to add a little much needed definition

uncanny right?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can you tell me how to get to Braffame Street?*

When both a reader in Germany (a large country in Europe known for its sausage, beer, and love of David Hasselhoff) and in the good ol' USA alerted us to the resemblance between ZB and Telly (whom you might remember as the Muppet most in need of Paxil), we knew something had to be up. Turns out TMZ may have scooped us on this one. Argh, foiled again!!

* Admittedly, this is a terrible pun. Suggestions are welcome.

Critically Acclaimed Braff

Doug Olear of "The Wire." NO we haven't watched it yet and YES we know it's really great, blah blah blah, now leave us alone so we can watch "Rock of Love."

(Thank you to reader, Matthew, for being more highbrow than we are.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Look, the dude from Nickelback (whose name I don't know and refuse to Google) looks just like Zach Braff, if Zach Braff were cast in a remake of "Empire Records." Thank you to reader Derek, who sumbmitted this and even made the pun for us.

Mac Braff

Drew may have broken his heart, but we'll always love Justin Long, if only because of those Braffy features.

Preachy Braff

Pastor and self-help author, Joel Osteen. This one came from reader Brian. We swear.


One of the most rewarding aspects of creating a hugely successful blog--other than the oodles of money and Pulitzer Prizes, that is--is the opportunity to expand our horizons beyond the very wide scope of celebrities we already know too much about. One such gift came today in the form of this submission from reader Neil, who alerted us to the overwhelming Braffiness of NASCAR driver David Reutimann. I never knew this man existed, but I am sure glad that I do now, even if it means that I will have to make room for this knowledge by forgetting even more of the Italian I took in college or the causes for World War 1. Some things are more important. Now all I can do is pray that David Reutimann does something crazy so Zach can play him in the TV movie. Please, God, please.

Monday, July 7, 2008

National Public Braff

NPR Correspondent, David Folkenflik. Now that's a Braff-face if ever we've seen one. Thanks to John for submitting this and quite frankly, blowing our minds. Could Satirius Johnson be similarly Braffy? A girl can dream...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Letter from the Editors: BRAFF OFF

The truth is, the Editorial Board doesn't always agree on who's Braffy and who's not. We recently came to a split decision (1-1) on the original sexual intellectual, Jeff Goldblum and his resemblance to Zach Braff.

Meredith makes the case :

"While not an obvious resemblance, there is a powerful argument for Goldblum's inclusion on the list. Not only in facial features--particuarly the hair/nose combo--but more importantly, the less tangible qualities. He's funny in a sort of grating way, he has the proven ability to date woman far, far more attractive than he is, and has brooding indie headshots. I strongly urge the readers of menwholooklikezachbraff to vote 'YES' on Proposition Goldblum."

Piper makes the case:
"Sure he's got a quirky sense of humor that translates easily from network sitcom to indie sleeper hit. and he does have the capability of wooing women that are strikingly better looking than him, but when it comes to judging whether someone makes the cut I take a hard-nosed stance.
Bottom line : his face is too skinny. no braff blog of mine will feature man who's face has a width of less than 2 feet. "

readers, we are at a standstill. please help. vote whether goldblum stays or goes in the comments section. only you can decide!

he must get this all the time

For Doug Pitt, it's not easy looking so much like one of the most recognized and sought-after faces of our time.
(thanks to reader kennedy for alerting us)

shia labraff

(thanks to reader georgie. i've always wanted a friend named georgie)

hipster braff

his legs may be more ladylike and his hair maybe be stiffer, but when we look at ryan adams all we see is a big old braff face. are we right or are we right, mandy moore?
(thanks to misty for the brilliant suggestion)

how i met your braff face

every network needs a braff. this is cbs' version. (thanks to reader, paul)

This is the theme to the Braffie show

both Bob G and Whitney recommended Gary Shandling. And the braff editorial board stands behind them

On a braffian journey

Oh Sherrie, you lucky girl you.
Thanks to reader Bob G

real life braff!

reader Kris submitted himself as a braff contender. He's got the whole i just woke up and now i have to contend with quirky characters on my hit show scrubs look going. Thanks Kris!

guess who just won a Braffie award?

John Krasinksi, after being ignored by the braff editorial board for far too long(thanks for the nomination, Meghan)

white castle braff

Kal Penn (thanks b boy)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

raff braff

extra, extra, read all about it: italian playboy looks just like zach braff!

seriously look

the original braff

john ritter.(is it still too soon?)

bollywood braff

bollywood superstar, shahrukh khan. while he's widely considered india's answer to brad pitt or tom cruise, we know better. consider the evidence: lustrous, buoyant hair; the pleading eyes; and of course, the suggestively askew buttondown. like braff, shahrukh means business when it comes to pleasure.

chef braff

rocco dispirito

evil braff

joe francis

political braff

john edwards

a braff we love

david duchovny

Brat Pack Braff

Judd Nelson

a braff who's aging well

chevy chase

a braff who's not

according to me

90's WB Braff

Roswell's Brendan Fehr

country braff

garth brooks

Everybody Loves Braff

Thank you to a reader who brought our attention to this downright spooky resemblance.